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FA3 - New Materials Group

Research Lines

Our Research activity is focussed on the following 4 main research areas:

Biomaterials & Biomedicine
  • Biomaterials for dental and bone replacement, and tissue engineering
    ( Synthesis and analysis of hydroxyapatite, Bioglasses, Calcium Phosphates, ... )
  • Bioinspired materials
    for implants, tissue engineering and drug delivery
    ( Production and analysis of SiC ceramics obtained from woods and algae )
  • Biomedical applications for medical diagnosis and tissue engineering
    ( Development of tools for medical diagnosis via Raman spectroscopy, Biosensors, cell cultures, ... )

Semiconductor & Surface processing

  • Group IV semiconductors
    (Si, Ge, SiC, SiGeC, SiGeSn, GePb ... ) for micro- and nano-electronics, photonics, sensores, biomedicine, ...
    ( Laser processing to grow and modify amorphous -> epitaxial thin films
    , ... )
  • Funcionalización de superficie for flexible electronics and photonics, and biomedicine
    ( Laser processing for surface structuring of polimers, semiconductors, metals ... )

ConservationConservation of Cultural HeritConservation oConservation of Cultural Heritagef Cultural HeritageConservation of Cultural Heritageage of Cultural Heritage

  • Laser cleaning for the conservation of cultural heritage
    ( Evaluation of pollution on and laser cleaning of granite surfaces )

Characterization of materials and optimization of processes

  • Characterización of surfaces, interfaces and thin films
    ( Morphological, structural and chemical analysis of semiconducting, ceramic, bioactive etc. surfaces, interfaces and thin films through FIB-HRTEM/SEM, AFM-Raman, TOF-SIMS, XPS, Effusion, cell cultures, ... )
  • Numerical simulation of laser/material interactions for optimizing laser processes
    ( Finite Element Methods FEM to solve heat diffusion equations and do physico-chemical studies for process optimization )

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